Handmade packaging, music and type. A good day.

On Monday I received my shipment of lovely recycled paper, made from 100% post-consumer waste. On Tuesday some new ink supplies arrived for my printer. Today I put them together to print the packages for the new Earthmass EP.

‘ORMR’ is the new release from Earthmass. It is available digitally but also as an edition of just one-hundred CD’s. I designed the package (using the same custom format I devised for the bands first release; ‘Lunar Dawn: Keep, Relic & Ritual’) and have been printing the first batch today. After some annoying printer issues this morning, they are looking lovely and are ready for trimming and gluing - by hand, of course. I’m not posting any finished ones just yet - that will follow later when I add the work to my portfolio. Here are some sneaky peeks though…

For most of the day I've been listening to 'Confrontations' by Umberto. It is an excellent LP to get things done to. You can have a listen here. My favourite track (at the moment) is 'Initial Revelation.'

In other news, tonight is Maker Wednesday at St. Botolph’s Waiting Room in Colchester. I’m looking forward to an evening of letterpress-based fun and an interesting presentation by Justin from Typoretum. Also, there are brilliant beers at the bar :)

Here’s the event on Facebook.  The St Botolph’s blog post is here.

Maybe I’ll see you there?



A Quick Update.

The last few weeks have seen the beginnings of some pretty great little projects. I’m hopeful that these projects are also the start of some brilliant working relationships and collaborations. 

Here’s a brief run-down…

  • I’ve been working on full brand development of a start-up fashion blog, called StyleStreet. It’s an idea thought up by Kirsty Isobel Wright. Kirsty’s intentions are not only to report on current trends, but also to use the blog to promote independent designers and retailers. She hopes to help build networks between small businesses and new design talent, connecting them with potential customers. There are also plans for an online store, stocking exclusive items from new designers and makers. In fact, it seems that I’m venturing into fashion design, too - Kirsty has had me customise some items to be sold in the store. Along with her team she’ll be researching, interviewing, photographing and writing for the blog. She’s also the Editor-in-chief.
  • Ted Driscoll of Suffolk-based band Shrine ’69, recently commissioned me to come up with a new identity for the band. I’ve had a lot of fun with the project so far; creating runes and symbols and developing an image direction. Bleak, mystical and intriguing - that’s the mood we’re working toward. There is a launch in the pipeline but for now, that’s all I can say!
  • I’ve also had the pleasure of producing some illustration, record sleeve design and t-shirt artwork for a brand new indie record label, based in Spain. This is pretty super-secret at the moment, so you’ll have to wait and see I’m afraid.

In addition to all that, I’m toying with one or two ideas for expanding my design practice into other areas. There are talks of starting a record label, designing a display typeface, furthering my book-binding skills, founding a new social enterprise, starting a blog all about sandwiches and maybe, just maybe doing something involving burgers. 

I guess we’ll see what happens…




Happy Valentines' Day, Meg. 
I love you x

Neck & Nominate? Nahhh…

I was nominated by my brother to drink beer on camera, at great speed. I thought, "Hey, I drink beers for fun anyway. I'll do something better with my time". So, here it is…

A good way to end the week.

Tonight is the launch show for Chestburster's new album - 'The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror' on Nailjar Records. I'm excited about this for three reasons:

  1.  It's an excellent record by arguably the most entertaining band from the North Essex underground scene.
  2. As well as Chestburster, Jøtnarr and Obscene Entity are also playing tonight.
  3. I designed the CD Digipack artwork and so this is the launch party of that too (kind of).

Click here for the event on Facebook.

I'm also happy to announce that there will be a new batch (the first, in fact) of mini posters I designed, available at the show. Here they are, freshly printed and sliced. Yummers.


So, tonight - The Hole in the Wall, Colchester at 8pm (arrive early for the first band). Also its FREE to get in (which leaves more cash for buying CDs and posters).

See you there.

A little (tiny) bit about process.

I'm pleased to say that since launching this new website/blog, I've had lots of positive feedback. I was also kind of surprised, to be honest, that people have been asking me questions about my work.

My cover for the Old Man Lizard / Earthmass split in particular, has had a few people asking about how the illustration was created. The short answer is that it is a sort of collage - using a photograph as its base with sections duplicated, a scanned found image added on top and some digital colouring and wotnot towards the end.

I thought I'd post some images of this stuff, to give an insight. I'm not going to be doing a step-by-step tutorial or anything (mostly because I can't remember it, step-by-step) but here are the elements and a few choice points in the process.