A good way to end the week.

Tonight is the launch show for Chestburster's new album - 'The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror' on Nailjar Records. I'm excited about this for three reasons:

  1.  It's an excellent record by arguably the most entertaining band from the North Essex underground scene.
  2. As well as Chestburster, Jøtnarr and Obscene Entity are also playing tonight.
  3. I designed the CD Digipack artwork and so this is the launch party of that too (kind of).

Click here for the event on Facebook.

I'm also happy to announce that there will be a new batch (the first, in fact) of mini posters I designed, available at the show. Here they are, freshly printed and sliced. Yummers.


So, tonight - The Hole in the Wall, Colchester at 8pm (arrive early for the first band). Also its FREE to get in (which leaves more cash for buying CDs and posters).

See you there.